aquarain gravity water filter system

Sources In Your Home
There are a number of emergency water sources that can be found right in your home.  The hot-water tank may be one of the best sources in your home, but remember to turn off the energy source so it does not “burn out” when the utilities come back online!   You can also use the water in toilet tanks (taking care not to use if you have cleaning treatments or ‘bluing’ in the water), draining your plumbing lines, or even using ice cubes.  Waterbeds make an excellent emergency storage system, holding up to 400 gallons of water.  If you designate a waterbed in your home as an emergency water storage resource, drain it yearly and refill it with fresh water containing two ounces of common household bleach per 120 gallons.

Reaching Maximum Production with the AquaRain
During emergency situations, it may be important to have access to increased amounts of safe drinking water.  AquaRain’s maximum production potential can be met by keeping the upper vessel as full as possible, perhaps refilling every fifteen minutes.  Water temperature can play a part since the warmer the water, the faster the production rate of the AquaRain. 

AquaRain Natural Water Filter System
Safe, clean drinking water is a day to day concern, as well as in family emergency preparedness planning.  The AquaRain Natural Water Filter provides a simple, easy to use system for the daily needs of safe drinking water as well as preparing for the emergency situation which may befall any of us.

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